You Dont Know What Youre Getting Yourself Into -_-

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Im not even gonna type and act like I know what it is. . .

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Soooo im late. its 12:17 in the morning. Which means, its a new day, which also means I missed yesterday, which ALSO means, I didnt put those two posts up that I promised, but as we discussed before you know im not good with those (promises). Soooooo lets keep it m o o o v v v i  i i n n n g g g shall we? Sooo Im starting to get ideas about this mixtape that im starting soon. Dont know what its gonna be CALLED, but im working on a concept. But as i began to try to put it all together, i said to myself “naaahh,that wont work. thats impossible” but i was dead. ass. WRONG. I can do anything I put my mind to. but its funny, because my mind was what told me I COULDNT do it in the first place. And whhhhyyy did it tell me that? because of fear. Fear that if I did actually find a way to put my ideas together that they wouldnt be accepted or that people just wouldnt understand. but how would i even know unless I gave it a shot? how can we predict the outcome of something and actually be AFRAID of it if we havent even TRIED to execute our plans/ideas before, to see if what we predicted would actually happen? sometimes you just have to take a chance. you cant always live in fear or youll never be able to receive the things you were meant to have or experience the things you were meant to experience. and even IF the outcome isnt the way you envisioned it, learn from it & go back to the drawing board. start all over again. never be afraid to fall. some people call it “FAILING” but i call it “FALLING”. when you “fail” you dont have a chance to redeem yourself or get that opportunity back, but when you “FALL”, no matter how hard, you can always get back up and try again. You cant be afraid. Have faith. Be strong. Be courageous. Do YOU! I mean, fear is normal, but dont let it hinder you. So wether you wanna tell somebody you have a crush on them or youre just trying to make your ideas come to reality, you cant be afraid. You never know WHAT could happen. Take a chance. Dont be afraid to fall, because one day you just might not hit the ground. One day you’ll spread your wings and you’ll FLY. 🙂

The Return.

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Wow. Its been a long time. I haven’t posted anything in YEARS it seems like. Well I promised a return,but obviously im a fat ass liar, but this time im serious. Im back. After spending a lot of my time on Facebook & Twitter, ive come to a realization that THIS, (My Blog) , is the only place where i can really VENT and GENUINELY not give a shit. lol Sooooo here I am. Now to all my faithful readers, if i have any, I know that I used to blog about celebs and events and stuff like , BUT im through with that. This blog is now a direct line from my personal life to your BRILLIANT minds and vice versa. Of course I wont give you EVERYTHING, but ill give you most of it. lol. Im tired of all this talk about “Fame” and celebrity’s 24/7. I want this to be a MOVEMENT. The start of something EXTRAORDINARY. Something GARGANTUAN. and blah blah blah. Lol. You know what I mean. And It will be just that. Ill try to post something new every day,but if I dont, just know that its because im busy ; not because im being a lazy bum or im returning back to that “fat ass liar” lifestyle that I told you about earlier. lol. Welll I guess thats all I have to say. Or Type, Or WHATEVER. Im gonna try to get two more posts up today about crazy shit, so stay tuned. Iight FOOLS!? PEAAACCEE! ❤ 🙂

P.S. – This ^^ is a BADASS picture my friend Nesha took from a plane while she was on her way to Texas last month! Isnt it awesome!? *Sigh* I Love Her.

The Lateness In Me.

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Hey! Yes. I Know Ive been CRAZY late with these posts…BUT its only because Ive started working!! (YAAAAYYYY!!!!) lol Lawd knows I hadnt had  a job in so long and now that I have one,Ive been workin my butt off. but its cool =) But anyway,so much has happened since my last post. I went back home to visit,I got that job,ive made a ton of new friends,im finding new “love affairs”… But its all be pretty sweet. =) I decided to make this post an update/”best of me post…I wanted to show you guys & gals some of the infamous pictures Ive taken. I think theyre AWESOME!!!!!!! lol I hope you will think so too! But more post coming SOON!!!!! I promise =)

Mø®e Random & Photoshop åWesome®¥!!!!

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Yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh =)